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Sadie shook her head. “How about we not bring back age old sibling problems? That one might send Alston over the edge.” She joked, running her fingers through the ends of her head. As Marcus mentioned heading to bed, she let out a small yawn and laughed, swatting his hand away. “Hm, a bath sounds nice. But falling asleep in the bath doesn’t sound great because I’ll prune.” Sadie laughed, leaning her head against Marcus’ chest for a moment. “Let’s just get in bed and cuddle. I’ll listen to you this time.” She smiled up at him, before taking his hand and allowing him to lead her to his bedroom. “I didn’t pack an overnight bag, can I borrow a t-shirt?” She asked, already rummaging through his drawers to find her favorite one. It was an old t-shirt from his college days, with his college’s name in bright colors. She took a moment to braid her hair, so it wouldn’t get too messy while sleeping overnight, before changing into the t-shirt and moving into his bathroom to brush her teeth. They hadn’t done too many overnight stays since getting back together, but in her first she’d left a disposable toothbrush for herself, so that’s what she used now before she made herself comfortable on Marcus’ bed. “I know I’ve said this before, but I need the name of where you bought this mattress. This is the most comfortable mattress in the world.” She said, spreading her arms and legs out for a moment like a starfish.


Dani laughed, “Not the nursing home squad. But yes, let me know what will be easiest and we’ll make it happen.” She said, writing some notes down on her tablet and marking some things off. She looked up when Pia said that she might not go to the party, frowning. “Uhm, absolutely not. I don’t plan on swimming or wearing a bathing suit, I don’t think most of the adults will. But you are absolutely obligated to be at this birthday party for Marcie. This is one day that we all can ignore all of the drama and just get together to celebrate this little lady that we all love so much.” She said, poking Pia’s shoulder playfully. “Plus, who else is gonna sit in the shade and people watch with me?” She asked, laughing to herself. “Thank you for all of your help with this planning, Pea. You always see a vision and turn it into something beautiful.” She leaned her head against Pia’s shoulder for a moment, before sitting up and stretching. “You need anything or should we call it a night? Between the chemo and the being preggers, I’m sure it’s past our bedtimes.” She joked.


Alston had started to slightly panic with the pause that Joey took to process, and was thinking of the best strategy to grab his things and leave. He looked up at Joey’s outburst, relief flooding his face when he realized that Joey was all in and wanted him there. He nodded, letting Joey take his hand to lead him into his bedroom, standing between Joey’s legs for a moment. “Well…” He said, looking down at Joey with hooded eyes full of desire. “It’d be nice if you took those off. Or let me take them off for you.” Alston motioned towards Joey’s jeans, before removing his own, leaving him in just his briefs. He got down on his knees and playfully tugged at one of the legs of Joey’s jeans, before using both hands to tug at either side. “You know what? I didn’t tell you that I really liked this look on you earlier. Jeans weren’t much your style in high school, this was a really nice change, a really sexy change.”


Tony chuckled, “Not nearly as much as I used to. Not much of a gym rat anymore, now that I don’t competitively play sports anymore.” He said, listening to her ramble for a moment as he continued to leave light kisses along her neck and up to her ear. “You definitely wouldn’t have made it five steps into this club in that outfit before I whisked you away up here so nobody else could see you in it.” He said in her ear, chuckling as she kissed his collarbone. He wrapped his arm around her as he leaned back on the couch, kicking his feet up to lay down on the lounge part of the sectional, with Serah laying on top of him. He brushed at a loose strand of her hair, before kissing the tip of her nose. “I don’t ever want you to feel insecure around me. And if you do, I want us to talk about it instead of you bottling it away or acting weird about it.” He said, rubbing her back gently as he spoke to her.



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